Model:  Seven Cycles Evergreen SL
Purpose:  Fast dry conditions in mixed terrain; equal parts paved and dirt
How:  Clement LAS 33c filetread tires

Clement LAS 33


Model:  Seven Cycles Evergreen SL
Purpose:  Mixed terrain exploration; wet conditions; more dirt than paved
How:  Clement MSO 40c tires

Clement X-plor-MSO-40


The next dozen or so posts will be of a recent Seven Cycles Evergreen SL bike in a bunch of configurations.  Starting in a classic set up and ending with my full on 24-hour offroad setup.

Vandermark Evergreen axle to axle


Apparently, spring training has begun, regardless of the falling snow.

Snow Ball


Mapping an Adventure with Zand Martin - photo - Rob Vandermark

I get pretty excited when I see a map with three languages – none of which I speak!

Zand Martin was at Seven Cycles today for his final bike fitting before heading out on his his latest Adventure.  Yes, with a capital A.  

We’re excited to be working with Zand.  He’s doing some really interesting riding – and he’s a very interesting person; for example, he was Outside Magazine’s Adventurer of the Year in 2011.  Since then I think he’s been too busy to accept any awards.

He’s the newest member of Team Seven Cycles, too.  I’ll post more about what Seven and Zand are up to soon.

Karl, Matt, and Zand discuss adventures past and present

Karl, Matt, and Zand discussing adventures past and present

It’s going to be a wild ride!


So many rides, so little time - photo - Rob Vandermark

From the Honey Bikes Ride Calendar.


Bikes Not Bombs party 20140306 - photo - itisseoulRide Studio Cafe just wrapped up a great fundraising party for Bikes Not Bombs.  It was the most successful BNB event the Studio has held.  Standing room only – I’m guessing 70+ people – based on how fast the food and beer disappeared.  The Studio met its fundraising goal, thanks to lots of generous people and a fairly creative – and apparently confusing – set of raffle items.

I’m really happy with how this event went.  Particularly given what was happening behind the scenes – so many events and projects overlapping, and just before the event I was traveling in Seattle, and I then was out of action for a few days.  The team at RSC, Lily R., and BNB all worked hard to make this a huge success!

Winner's Card at Bikes Not BombsWhat an amazing group of people with which I get to work!



In Need Of Coffee

March 6, 2014

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Sal and the Coffee Tasting - photo - Rob Vandermark


Sums It Up

March 5, 2014

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F is right - photo - Rob Vandermark

Pretty much yesterday and today.  Tomorrow will be ‘A+’


Wings of Flame

March 3, 2014

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RH's Honey brazing cable stop