I’ve been fortunate to work with the good people at Ride Studio Cafe on a new project:  Ride Headquarters.  The grand opening is on 21 August at 8:00 am.  If you’re in the area of Sherborn, MA, please stop by; it’s going to be a great day of riding, talking bikes, and drinking coffee.

A coffee break at Ride HQ - photo - Rob Vandermark

Here are a few of the expected highlights:


  • 8am – Doors Open
  • 8 – 10am – Breakfast Served
  • 8:30am – Group Road Ride Departs, 35 miles
  • 9am – 3pm – Supplier Expo
  • 4:30pm – HUGE Raffle to be held – not necessary to be present to win. Proceeds go to non-profits who make riding better through their work.

Some of the people that will be at the Grand Opening

This list is growing daily. Keep checking back to see who will be here. Most of the suppliers listed will be contributing great products to our HUGE raffle. Details of the raffle will be posted prior to our Grand Opening. You won’t want to miss it!

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Misogyny and Bikes

April 29, 2016

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A Bridge Too Far - photo - Rob Vandermark

A Bridge Too Far

Publicly, I try to separate my world views from my bike and work life.  I don’t share my political leanings; I don’t talk about my thoughts on gender; I don’t share my religious views.

Today is different.

A website just posted a piece entitled, “The best custom bicycle builders in America.”  The author included Seven Cycles.  That’s cool, right?

Not today.  That site is Playboy.

I tried to ignore it all and get on with “more important things.”  But between recent political comments about “playing the woman’s card” and today’s WBUR’s #MoreThanMean I couldn’t ignore Playboy’s sad place in the 21st century — and Seven Cycles’ implicit condoning of that misogynistic outlet.

Playboy’s writer included Seven in the piece without our knowledge; we weren’t contacted or asked for content.  They even used a photo from Seven’s Instagram account.  Apparently we’re all “craftsmen,” too.  I feel like I’m in the 1950’s today.  For the record, about one-third of Seven’s employees are female; many work in production as “craftspeople.”  Two of Seven’s original four founders are women.  I could go on and on.

The perception that Seven had a role in being mentioned in Playboy is embarrassing and frustrating to me.  I would not have agreed to it.  It’s time to step into the 21st — or even 20th — century.


Seven had a brief article posted in Bicycle Retailer today.  That was nice.  Lots of growth for Seven this year even though many companies are laying off and the industry as a whole is in rough shape this season.  So goes the bike industry.

“Seven Cycles says its flexibility — including programs offering retailers co-branded and store-specific designs — has led to sales growth in early 2016.

The privately held […] builder said its sales are up 8 percent in the first quarter […]”




The Diverged ride is coming up quick!  It’s one of the funnest of the season.  Details here.  Well, some details; more to follow soon.

Save the date!

Some logos are funner to make than others.



That’s right, it’s the Massachusetts Tandem Rally – 2016.  You can find full details and the registration page here.

When:  April 30, Saturday – doors open at 7 am

Where:  Ride Studio Cafe at 1720 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA.  (339) 970-0187

Why:  Tandems are twice the enjoyment on two wheels!

This is so much more than a simple tandem ride.  We’re providing a full day of tandem value and offerings:

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A quick excerpt from a piece I’m writing for the Massachusetts Tandem Rally hosted by Ride Studio Cafe.

All tandems all the time.


Tandem Ready - photo - Rob Vandermark

Tandems on Display at Ride Studio Cafe

Ride Studio Cafe has some of the best tandem customers.  We’ve also specified and delivered an extremely wide array of tandem designs.  Some of the tandems you’ll see at the Rally – and designs in which we specialize:

  • Custom from the ground up. At RSC this means frame geometry, tubeset selection, every frame feature – from the brake system, gearing options, rider position, and more – and every single part you’ll specify for your tandem.
  • Ideal tandem frame material: Titanium and steel.  Titanium is the ideal material for a long-distance tandem – when properly designed for each rider; it’s comfortable, stiff, durable, and rust-proof.  Steel offers and amazing ride feel and great durability for the long ride.
  • Travel tandems: We do a lot of S&S coupler bikes in all styles.  Traveling with a tandem is one of the best types of riding we’ve ever had.

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Tandem Woods Riding - photo - Rob Vandermark

For the upcoming Massachusetts Tandem Rally hosted by Ride Studio Cafe, we’re putting together a mixed-terrain tandem ride.  As far as I can determine, it’s the first of its kind.  If you ride a tandem in the woods, I hope you can join us; it’s going to be an amazing day.

The Studio is also hosting two road tandem rides — for the more traditional tandemists.  For riders looking for some dirt and technical challenge, here’s the high level information about the mixed-terrain ride:

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Timemarker:  Today my life changes.

Beta Test Breaking

Quote:  Nietzsche


“Gentlemen, I just don’t belong here.”  – Usula Le Guin.

Ursula Le Guin - Gentelmen, I just don't belong here

“In 1987, multi-award winning author Ursula K LeGuin (sic) was asked to supply a blurb for Synergy: New Science Fiction, Volume 1, the first in a new four-part series of anthologies edited by George Zebrowski which intended to showcase science fiction stories from authors both established and up-and-coming. For her, however, the book was notable not for its stories but for its complete absence of women’s voices. She reacted with this stinging letter.”  –  The Guardian


Colin Dennis of Cyclereviewer wrote a great piece about the Seven Cycles Evergreen SL he tested.

cyclereviwer Colin Dennis Seven Evergreen SL

Words from Colin’s review:

In summary: Did I have an adventure? Is the Seven Evergreen SL an adventure bike of the highest quality? Darn right I did, and yes it is!


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