2015 Rides & Events

Here’s a partial accounting of what’s happening — and happened — in 2016.  These are projects and rides that I’m managing, co-managing, or influencing in some bad way.


  • January 1:  Ride Studio Cafe’s Oatmeal Morning Ride.  Starting the year off right, or wrong, depending on your view.
  • January 4:  Lead the RSC Mixed Terrain ride.  First of the season.  So begins the weekly mixed terrain ride for the entire year.  52 awesome rides!
  • January 23:  Ride Studio Cafe hosts an insole event.
  • January 23:  Lead-Out for Lily Ride.  The farewell morning ride for Lily R.’s last day before she heads to Oregon.
  • January 25:  Ride Studio Cafe hosts Massbike’s farewell party for David Watson.
  • January 27:  The Winter Blizzard Ride.  Biggest storm and super ride.


  • February 12:  Ride Studio Cafe hosts a Mechanic’s Night for the Charles River Wheelmen.
  • February 19:  New England Randonner’s event for Paris Brest Paris
  • February 28 – March 7:  Ride Studio Cafe’s Conjure Ride Series.


  • February 28 – March 7:  Ride Studio Cafe’s Conjure Ride Series.
  • March 7:  Honey Bikes Winter Party — massive introduction of 12 new models hosted by Ride Studio Cafe.




  • June 20 & 21:  Overland Base Camp’s Dusk to Dawn Ride.


  • July:  Bikepacking adventure in the UK and on Isle of Mann.
  • July 25:  Ride Studio Cafe hosts the New England Randonneur’s Overnight Ride..


  • August 15:  Ride Studio Cafe ride leader training session with Mark McCormack.
  • August 20:  Overland Base Camp’s first Night Ride in a series.
  • August 26:  Ride Studio Cafe hosts Bikes Not Bomb’s film.


  • September 12:  Honey Bikes Honey 100 Ride in conjunction with Overland Base Camp.
  • September 19-20:  Riding New York City.
  • September 28:  Overland Base Camp’s third Night Ride in a series.


  • October 10:  Overland Base Camp’s Formidable Challenge Ride.
  • October 24:  Overland Base Camp’s Maneha Rappel — a private event.


  • November 7:  Ride Studio Cafe Coffee Grinder Club Ride and event.
  • November 21:  Ride Studio Cafe Velocio Recon ride.  I developed the routes for this mixed terrain day becomes night ride.
  • November 25-31:  Ride scouting in Georgia for Overland Base Camp’s March Migration.


  • December 4-10:  Ride Studio Cafe hosts The Fall Five.  I designed the mixed-terrain courses and directed much of the projects design.
  • December 23-29:  Ride scouting in Georgia for Overland Base Camp’s March Migration.
  • December 24-31:  Ride Studio Cafe hosts the Festive 500.
  • December 29:  First Snow Ride happened.  I got to design the course, was super domestique for one of the groups, and helped figure out the logistics of ensuring people would show up to ride — even if it happened at 3am, which it did.
  • December 30:  I did an interview with Channel 5 for a new show they’re creating called, “Made in Massachusetts”

Wow!  What a year!  That was 34 substantial projects ranging from one day 2-hour rides that required a lot of planning, to 6-day adventures that no amount of planning could be adequate.  I’m betting the number will be higher for 2016!

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