2017 Rides & Events

Here’s a partial accounting of what is happening — and happened — in 2017.  These are projects and rides that I’m managing, co-managing, designing, or influencing in some bad way.


  1. January 1, Sunday:  Ride Headquarters hosts the Resolution Ride.  A mountain bike harsh weather rides.  Three routes for all types of riders.  We’re starting the year off right.  This is part of the Burning Snowflake Ride Series.
  2. January 1, Sunday:  Ride Studio Cafe’s Winter Wonderland Ride.  An evening mixed-terrain ride to work out the New Year’s party remnants.
  3. January 3, Tuesday:  First Trainer Games at Ride Headquarters.  This is an indoor trainer series with a twist.  It’s kind of like a drinking game, without the alcohol.  Three times a week — Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays — through the end of March.  Ride Studio Cafe also hosts an indoor trainer series; it’s a formally structured series of trainer workouts.
  4. January 8, Sunday:  Ride Studio Cafe & Ride HQ Viewing Party for the Cyclocross Nationals.  Julie Bingo is happening again this year!
  5. January 12, Thursday:  Ride HQ hosts the first Full Moon Ride of the 2017 seasons.  One of the funnest series with which I’m involved.
  6. January 14, Saturday:  Ride HQ hosts the Burning Snowflake Ride.  This is part of the Burning Snowflake series.  Winter awesomeness.
  7. January 21, Saturday:  Ride Studio Cafe’s All Conditions Ride in conjunction with Overland Base Camp.  Pushing through the tough weather — and having a lot of fun while doing it.  Multiple cafe stops along the cold route, in order to help keep us warm.
  8. January 28, Saturday:  Ride Studio Cafe Viewing Party for the Cyclocross Worlds.  WAFFLES!


  1. February 2, Thursday:  Ride HQ Trainer Games continue this month; three times per week — Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.  The most fun to be had indoors on a bike.  Join us.  RSC’s trainer series continues, too.
  2. February 4, Saturday:  Ride Headquarters hosts the February Frost Ride.  This is the third ride in the Burning Snowflake Series.
  3. February 18:  Overland Base Camp’s Wintertide Ride.
  4. February 25, Saturday:  Ride HQ continues it’s Burning Snowflake Series with the FireFrost Ride.
  5. February 25 – March 5:  Ride Studio Cafe’s Conjure Ride Series.  Nine days of awesome.  Conjuring the warm weather.


  1. February 25 – March 5:  Ride Studio Cafe’s Conjure Ride Series continues.
  2. March 3-5:  Overland Base Camp’s FireFrost Bikepacking Adventure.  Three days and two nights doing primitive bikepacking and camping in the snow — or whatever the weather is doing at this time of year.  It’s gonna be awesome!
  3. March 4, Saturday evening:  Bike Builders of Boston party!  All the best builders will be at Ride Headquarters; hope you will be, too.
  4. March 11, Saturday:  Ride Headquarters hosts the Burning Snowman Ride.  It’s part of the Burning Snowflake Series.
  5. March 16-22:  Overland Base Camp’s March Migration.  I got to do all the reconnaissance for this project!
  6. March 25, Saturday:  Ride HQ hosts the next in the Burning Snowflake Series:  The Snowflake Century Ride.  It’s HQ’s version of the venerable Ride Studio Cafe Snowflake Century.
  7. March 27 – April 2:  Overland Base Camp’s Georgia Grounding.  I got to do all the reconnaissance for this project!

This is as far as I’ve updated for the 2017 season.  Ignore everything after this.  I’ll update, soon.  In the meantime, I have too much to do!


  1. April 9 Saturday:  Training for the Rider Alliance.
  2. April 23 Saturday:  Overland Base Camp’s season opener Diverged Ride.
  3. April 30 Saturday:  Ride Studio Cafe hosts the Tandem Rally.


  1. May 7 Saturday:  Over Time Century Ride Series begins.  First of a series of four rides this season.  This one is a century.
  2. May 17:  Ken Vandermark at Alternate Space.
  3. May 20 & 21 Saturday & Sunday:  Overland Base Camp’s Maneha 250 Ride.


  1. June 18 Saturday:  Over Time Century Ride Series #2 with Ride Studio Cafe.  Second in a series of four rides this season.  This one is a 110 miles.
  2. June 25 & 26 Saturday & Sunday:  Overland Base Camp’s Dusk to Dawn Ride.


  1. July:  Over Time Century Ride Series #3
  2. July:  Overland Base Camp’s Nomad Three Day Adventure Ride.


  1. August:  Over Time Ride Series #4.  Finale.
  2. August 13 Saturday:  Honey Bikes – Honey 100 Ride in conjunction with Overland Base Camp.


  1. September 1-5 Thursday through Monday:  Overland Base Camp’s Five-by-Five Ride.


  1. October 8 Saturday:  Overland Base Camp’s Formidable Challenge Ride.



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