The Tomorrow Is Already Yesterday project documents past, present, and future endeavors by Seven Cycles, Ride Studio Cafe, Honey Bikes, Overland Base Camp, Pedaling to the Horizon, closely related projects, and a random adventure thrown in once in a while for good measure.  Rob Vandermark curates this project.

WWSD: What Would Shackleton Do?
This is the motto of the Tomorrow Is Already Yesterday project.

The primary purposes of this project are to:

  • Recognize the amazing people doing great and thankless work
  • Document the endless projects happening all the time
  • Track the somewhat disheveled history of both

The posting format for this project is a bit unusual.  We use two basic page forms:

First are daily micro-posts about what’s happening, almost hour by hour.  The reason:  that’s the way work gets done by the team; we spend a few minutes on one project, have a meeting about some aspect of a different project, sketch out ideas when we’re in the middle of something else.  Work interrupts work.  Work informs work. This is the reality of project based execution.  No project, on which we work, gets done in an orderly fashion – like a nice neat blog post, for example.  The work is messily disjointed, full of dead-ends  false starts, and backtracking.

Second are posts that try to catalogue all the mirco-posts for a given project.  We track the history of the project at the bottom of project posts.  These are posts that we try to have be orderly and organized.  We’re not always successful.

The TIAY project wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of the many people you see highlighted in these pages.

In some ways, the journal portion of the TIAY project is a contemporary “letters home.”  Earnest Shackleton – and countless others of eras past – would write letters home wherein he would recount events to his family.  Those types of letters were often the primary way in which we know about these people.  I don’t write letters home so TIAY will have to do.

No time for the present.

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