It’s become a bit of an annual project:  My brother coming to the Boston area and wrecking the joint.  He’s be in town on Friday, January 9, 2015 with Nate Wooley to play some amazing music at the Alternate Space.  It’ll be odd that one of the best music projects of 2015 will be happening so early in the year.  Don’t miss it!

More info at Alternate Space.

Solo Duo cards - photo - Rob Vandermark


Cyclists in Hyde Park during the 1879 Wheel Around the Hub - photo - unknown - Larry Finison

We had a great talk this evening by Larry Finison. He spoke on an expansive range of subjects – the common thread being Boston’s cycling scene from 1880 through 1900.  I couldn’t list all the topics he discussed; a few of them were:

  • Boston’s unique place in cycling history
  • The first six-day race in the area
  • Major Taylor and racism
  • Gender challenges and Kittie Knox’s important role in the early scene
  • The many race tracks in the Boston area

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Just received Seven Cycles’ winter jerseys.  The Morse Design.  Simple.  I like it.  Very limited run.

Seven Morse Jersey - photo - Rob Vandermark

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Sometimes simple is best.  Honey:  Pure and simple.

Honey Water Bottles fall 2014 - photo - Rob Vandermark

Concept and Design:  Rob V.
Graphics Execution and Coordination:  Kirk T.
Bottle Supplier:  Specialized
Available from:  Honey Bikes


The latest ride project I’ve been putting together is something a bit different from what I typically design.  For the 2015 season I’m working on a set of 24 rides of the mixed terrain variety, two rides per month.  All of these rides roll out from the Ride Studio Cafe.

I’m designing the rides in 12 pairs:  each clockwise ride has a near mirror that runs counterclockwise.  The mirrors will vary depending on how they flow.  And each of the 12/24 will be funner than the last!

Crunching leaves in the fall - photo - Rob Vandermark

For me, “mixed terrain” means between 50% and 75% dirt and 25% to 50% pavement.  It’s different than a cross ride in that these tend to be longer rides – most of these will be between 2 and 3 hours.

By “different” I mean the no ride will have more than 10% of the trails from the last ride.

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Today is Skip Brown’s 50th birthday.  Yay!  Skip and I have worked together for 24 years – since 1988, I believe.  Looking forward to another 24 or 50.  Knowing skip it’ll be a lot more than fifty.

Fifty Donuts for Fifty Years of Skip Brown - photo - Rob Vandermark


Prisoners of the Sound - photo - Rob Vandermark

It’s confirmed!  The next gig at Alternative Space is happening.  Ken Vandermark along w

When:  Friday, January 9, 2015

Where:  Alternate Space

Why:  Music like nothing else

More details to follow soon.

I hope to see everyone there!


Lovely Bicycles intent - photo - Rob Vandermark

I had a great visit today from the elusive Lovely Bicycle!  She brought endurance riding legend Chris Kostman with her.  We discussed tandem riding, Paris Brest Paris, mixed terrain riding, and a possible collaboration for the future.

I told Chris a bit about the Five-By-Five bike project I’m working on.  It sounds like his kind of ride.  Still top secret, but the clock is ticking.


We’ve finally decided on our color additions to Seven’s 2015 palette.  Lots of hours of research and conversation went into the final five.  Just like every year.  Staci and Jordan did a perfect job on an impossible task.

Five new Seven colors for 2015 - photo - Rob Vandermark

No, it’s not five shades of gray.


Babbling Brook - photo - Rob Vandermark

Honey Bikes put together a content for best photos for the Honey One Hundred New England 2014 Edition.

The photos are at Instagram #honey100.

We’re announcing winners all week.

Winners get a limited edition honey 100 t-shirt.  It’s going to be the cool one.