Today is Skip Brown’s 50th birthday.  Yay!  Skip and I have worked together for 24 years – since 1988, I believe.  Looking forward to another 24 or 50.  Knowing skip it’ll be a lot more than fifty.

Fifty Donuts for Fifty Years of Skip Brown - photo - Rob Vandermark


Lovely Bicycles intent - photo - Rob Vandermark

I had a great visit today from the elusive Lovely Bicycle!  She brought endurance riding legend Chris Kostman with her.  We discussed tandem riding, Paris Brest Paris, mixed terrain riding, and a possible collaboration for the future.

I told Chris a bit about the Five-By-Five bike project I’m working on.  It sounds like his kind of ride.  Still top secret, but the clock is ticking.


We’ve finally decided on our color additions to Seven’s 2015 palette.  Lots of hours of research and conversation went into the final five.  Just like every year.  Staci and Jordan did a perfect job on an impossible task.

Five new Seven colors for 2015 - photo - Rob Vandermark

No, it’s not five shades of gray.


Babbling Brook - photo - Rob Vandermark

Honey Bikes put together a content for best photos for the Honey One Hundred New England 2014 Edition.

The photos are at Instagram #honey100.

We’re announcing winners all week.

Winners get a limited edition honey 100 t-shirt.  It’s going to be the cool one.


Today the Ride Studio Cafe and Honey Bikes hosted a ride with Lone Wolf Cycling.  Their crew came up from Philly for the weekend.  Michele Smith put together a route that made everyone very happy.  It was an all day event.  They were here, in part, to promote a Lone Wolf x Honey Limited Edition Bike.

The Cool Kids - photo - Rob Vandermark


Honey Fun  and Screwdriver - photo - Rob Vandermark

Nearly 140 riders joined the Honey Bee Navigators for a great day of mixed terrain riding in the Boston area.

Difficult to imagine it being much better.

I’m thinking of quitting while I’m ahead.

My favorite quote of the day:

“I absolutely loved everything about the day.  It was my first introduction to an “all roads ride”.  I have done a lot of road riding and single track mountain biking, and even some gravel riding, but never all together – and never single track on a road bike (actually I used a rando).  It was simply a revelation.  Everything – the ride leaders, the route, the group, the pace, the food – was excellent!  Great job!”

Thank you to all the people that helped make this ride happen!


Cloud over Nevada - photo - Rob Vandermark

Delayed flight.  26 meetings packing into a 28 hour period.  Lots accomplished.  Met with retailers, distributors, suppliers, and a few business project partners.

This fall will be busy – for a change.

Photo:  The view from my window seat.  Next time I gotta ride out there.


Highpoint 2014 Logo - mountain climb

The Ride Studio Cafe’s Highpoint Ride is even bigger this year.  Three days of awesome difficult road riding.


Still one of my favorite Honey Bike Projects.

Honey Been F100 - photo - Rob Vandermark


Storm Warnings

July 15, 2014

in Humor

What now?

Storm Warnings - photo - Rob Vandermark