Tandems: Types Of

March 27, 2016

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A quick excerpt from a piece I’m writing for the Massachusetts Tandem Rally hosted by Ride Studio Cafe.

All tandems all the time.


Tandem Ready - photo - Rob Vandermark

Tandems on Display at Ride Studio Cafe

Ride Studio Cafe has some of the best tandem customers.  We’ve also specified and delivered an extremely wide array of tandem designs.  Some of the tandems you’ll see at the Rally – and designs in which we specialize:

  • Custom from the ground up. At RSC this means frame geometry, tubeset selection, every frame feature – from the brake system, gearing options, rider position, and more – and every single part you’ll specify for your tandem.
  • Ideal tandem frame material: Titanium and steel.  Titanium is the ideal material for a long-distance tandem – when properly designed for each rider; it’s comfortable, stiff, durable, and rust-proof.  Steel offers and amazing ride feel and great durability for the long ride.
  • Travel tandems: We do a lot of S&S coupler bikes in all styles.  Traveling with a tandem is one of the best types of riding we’ve ever had.

  • Performance road tandems: We do a lot of lightweight high-performance tandems that offer a fast ride while providing durability, longevity, comfort, and stability.
  • Mixed-terrain tandems: Having the ability to ride anywhere on any terrain is the end all be all for cycling.  Making that possible on your tandem provides a whole new adventure.
  • Bikepacking tandems: We believe that touring offroad with your tandem is the ultimate cycling experience.  It combines all our favorite types of riding at once:  Tandeming, riding in the remote woods, camping out, and being together.  What could be better?  Making bikepacking tandem-able creates a new level of cycling that’s like no other.  It is indescribable.
  • Working with the most versatile tandem design companies: Seven Cycles and Honey Bicycles.  Both companies build the most incredible tandems we’ve ever had the pleasure to work on and ride.  Sevens are individually custom designed.  Honey Bikes offers 27 stock tandem sizes.  That’s not a typo:  Twenty-seven sizes to fit better than any other stock tandem you’ve ever ridden.

It’s a start.

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