Journal: Out of Nowhere

June 13, 2012

in Journal Notes

6:40 am – 8:40 pm     ||     Seven

  • Project:  Seven Brochure 2012.  Finalized the last updates for the mid-season printing.  We’ve also got the 6 printed inserts updated, too.  Way too much work.
  • Project:  Working on a Seven Cycles 622 web page – pages – to highlight all that’s going on with that bike.  The feedback, reviews, and results of the bike have been better than I could have expected.  Joe W. is writing a review.  Matt Roy is putting together a ride report.  A few retailers are providing quotes.  And I’m working on the description of the ways in which the 622 differs from our other bikes.
  • Project:  Russell Right:  Prepping for a meeting on Friday for this top secret project.
  • Team:  Seven Cycles Team member Livingston stopped by today to pick up his two new amazing bikes.
  • Time Marker:  Went to the LTABs opening last night.  I’m tired.  Great to see so many people  I will post details soon.
  • Project VS-Fit:  Velosmith:  working on some fit system developments that will be applicable to all Seven Cycles retailers.
  • Project:  Fast Ice:  Mapped out a good second prototype.  Lots of ideas on how to streamline it, make it produceable, and compelling.  Parts on order.  Trying to build something on Friday.

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