Let’s Talk About Bikes

March 28, 2012

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Let's Talk About Bikes | Photo: BSA

Seven Cycles has been invited to participate in a Boston bike exhibit called Let’s Talk About Bikes.  The overarching focus of the show is to explore the bicycle’s role in the city.  The show is hosted by the BSA.

The opening takes place on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 at 6pm.

It’s co-sponsored by my good friends at TRADE and C7A.

Let’s Talk About Bikes
From Mark Pasnik:

Bicycles are everywhere. The last two years have seen the rollout of a comprehensive bike-sharing program in Boston, along with enormous growth in bike infrastructure and ridership—developments that mirror trends in cities across the globe. BSA Space examines these changes in the urban realm with the exhibition Let’s Talk About Bikes.

[…] the exhibition investigates themes of production, use, and impact. The region’s expanding collection of bicycle fabricators ranges from one-person frame shops to internationally recognized manufacturers. Urban cultures that have grown around the bicycle include alternative societies,

leisure riders, and racing enthusiasts. The expansion of biking raises broader transit-related questions about the relationship of bicycles to urban and environmental public policy, from the “complete streets” movement to backlashes by automobile-centered communities.

The humble bicycle has become a major player in the ongoing international debate on urban change in the twenty-first century.

The work Seven Cycles is participating in:

11 June:  We’ve got two bikes on display:

  • Berlin Bike
  • Track bike – Mike Salvatore’s:  Here’s what I wrote about it:  This is a true track bike design for track racing; not to be confused with an “urban fixed gear” bike.  Many urban bikes take their design cues from track racing bikes.  This bike has been raced many times on the track.  The paint scheme is a subtle and unusual design based on wave prints by Katsushika Hokusai, representing the fluid power that track racing requires.

7 June:  Last reviesions on the family tree and the bike text.  Everything goes to print tomorrow and they’re doing the installation over the weekend.

6 June:  Wrapping up the latest version of the Local Frambuilder Family Tree.  over,under is doing a redesign of the tree for their Let’s Talk About Bikes exhibit.  They’ve made some additions and corrections to the tree.  They’ve asked Seven to include a second bike for the exhibit; I’m psyched that Seven will have two bikes on display.

29 May:  Reviewing photos for the exhibit.  Keith took a lot of them!

22 May:  Trying to get all my work done for the Let’s Talk About Bikes exhibit in June. Lots left to do.  Working on the latest version of Seven’sframebuilder timeline.  Along with a lot of other work.  More to come.  On their site you can create a cycling crest.  For me:  All Paths To Cycling – Omnes Semitas Revolutio.  The team interviewed Staci Sommers – Seven’s painter that worked on the Berlin Bike.

26 April:  Mark, Keith Lagreze, and Jonathan Hanahan visited Seven for a tour and to talk about the details of the exhibit.  I introduced them to Skunk, Lauren, and Bryan.  We also reviewed the framebuilder family tree that I put together long ago.  They’d like to use it in the show.  Keith posted some notes on his blog about their visit.  I strongly recommended that they include ANT and Bryan Hollingsworth in the exhibit.  No urban bike show would be complete without ANT included.  Bryan is the real deal and he’s just about nicest framebuilder around.

19 April:  Mark Pasnik says, “We’ve adjusted the format of the show a bit, which will make a bike from Seven more visible and part of a focused series of stories on the cultures surrounding each bike.”

28 March:  Seven Cycles has been invited to participate in a new Boston based bike exhibit by Mark Pasnik.

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