Schooled by Rob Vandermark

April 26, 2012

in Press, Rob Vandermark

That’s what Keith Lagreze titled his blog post about his recent visit to Seven Cycles in preparation for an upcoming bike exhibit in Boston called, Let’s Talk About Bikes.

Seven Bending Dies | Photo: Keith Lagreze

Mark, Keith, and Jonathan were great.  They seemed interested in what Seven is up to. I look forward to working with them on the exhibit.  Keith writes:

Today o,u curatorial took a little field trip to Seven Cycles to interview owner, Rob Vandermark. After a great discussion about Boston bike culture and a tour of his fabrication shop I can confidently say he is one awesome dude. Seven is the bigest operation in town and has become a breeding ground for talented frame builders to branch out and start their own gigs. I find his support for this kind of thing to be very cool. Anyway i’m a fan of their work and wanted to share some photos from the visit.

We also met Skunk, the dictator of a paramilitary monarchy called SCUL.  Thats a story for another time.

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