Project: Fast Ice

April 23, 2012

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Working on an innovative coffee project that’s top secret right now; I’m helping a few coffee geniuses work something new.

The project relates to a variant on iced coffee and cold brew.  I’m helping with some of the technical aspects of the project, the fabrication, and some design work, too.

Project Timeline – in reverse order:

June 27:  Beta prototype finally completed.  They’ll be testing it in the next few days.  We’ve slowed the process by 50% – that’s a good thing.  Skip did all the fabrication work; Skip also knows a thing or two about fluid dynamics so it’s good he was helping – more than helping – in this project.  I did a bit of coordination and that’s about it.  I look forward to tasting the results.

June 13:  Mapped out a good second prototype.  Lots of ideas on how to streamline it, make it produceable, and compelling.  Parts on order.  Trying to build something on Friday.

June 12:  Met today about progress.  Worked out some more details.  Still not public.   I have to make the prototype this week.  Somehow.  It’ll happen.  I talked with Skip and we’re thinking about suggesting a few major design revisions.  Exploring heat transfer rates, flow rates, and alternate storage ideas.

June 9:  Worked on some specs and deadlines for the project.  I can’t wait to taste the result.  Probably a few weeks away.

May 24:  I looked into sourcing some of the parts today.  Everything looks super straight forward.

May 4:  Talked about some material ideas.  Titanium is not the right way to go.  No copper either.

April 23, 2012:  Someone approached me to help on this project.  I love coffee and working on new projects.  I’m helping

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