2012 Seven Cycles Brochure

March 8, 2011

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I’m taking over the brochure for 2012, a bit unexpectedly.  I’m excited about this.  We’re taking it in a completely different direction than we’ve done before.

Highlight Summary:  

  • We’ve organized the brochure by usage rather than material and price.  Usage meaning:  touring, criterium racing, randonneuring, etc.
  • We’re using a lot more imagery than we’ve done in the past.
  • The brochure is about riding more than it is about products.
  • Since I’m leading the charge it’s a lot more collaborative than in the past few years.
  • We have more brochure inserts than we’ve had in the past.
  • We do two printings:  one arriving mid August and one in late March.  this allows up to make updates and keep the printed brochure as current as possible; our products are ever evolving.
I now remember that I managed the 2010 brochure, too.  Before that, I think the last brochure that I managed was somewhere around 2005?
Project timeline in reverse:
13 June:  Finalized the last updates for the mid-season printing.  We’ve also got the 6 printed inserts updated, too.  Way too much work.
26 May:  Got all the images completed.  Text updates lagging.
24 April:  Skunk is making the design changes.  He’s doing a series of photo-shoots to include the new and updated products.  Working on a few text revision.
14 April:  Confirmed changes we’re making.  Not too many; about a dozen overall.
2 March 2012:  Working on second printing for the brochure.  Starting this pretty late this year.

I started tracking this well after the first printing.  Ooops.


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