Journal: Partial Polemics

July 3, 2012

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Seven Cycles Summer Cycling Chapeau

Tuesday Location:  Seven  |  Studio  |  Seven     ||     7:35 am – 9:50 pm

  • Graphic Design:  Summer Cap for Seven Cycles is finally up on the site.
  • Product Design:  Mount Washington bike:  We’ve made a few final adjustments to the bike:  compact crank, positional adjustments, removed the rear brake.  Right now the bike is weighing in at 14 lbs 2 ounces.  Once the proper wheels are on the bike I think we’re looking at about 13 lbs 10 ounces for the climbing weight.  I think this is cool because were not suing anything unusual – no “lightweight” parts on the bike.  If we pushed on special parts we could easily get to sub-12 lbs.
  • Graphic Design:  Mountain landing page.  Skunk just posted it.  Interesting that we’ve never had a mountain landing before.
  • Graphic Design:  Poster Series for Seven Cycles.  I can’t go with the 11×17″ size posters – they just get swallowed up by any wall – so we’re stepping up to make all four 18 x 24″.  Of course this requires redesign of all four posters.  Some of the images are not quite high enough resolution to work well at 18×24.  It’s a pain but it will be worth it.  We want to assume that wherever these posters hang, they’ll be on the wall for a number of years.  We want to represent Seven.  Also, the mountain poster is killing me.  It took a while to find the right photoset.  We’ve got some great shots now but combining Mary and Mike into one poster ain’t easy.  Ooops.  I think we just nailed the mountain poster design.  I’ll post some images on Thursday.
  • Graphic Design:  Ride Studio Kits completed.  Off to Capo for seamstering.  Can’t wait to see them.  I can’t believe I made this project so difficult.  Capo has been super patient and they’re going to rock out to get these on time for the Studio.
  • Graphic Design:  Brochure reprints and supplements for Seven Cycles.  Another project that I’ve been destroying through entropy.  Back on track thanks to Skunk, Krissy, and Joe Wignall.

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