Graphic Design: Seven Cycles Posters – Set of Four

May 8, 2012

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It’s been a while since we’ve made posters.  We’re getting a bit of clamoring for them again so we’re designing new ones.  This time the project is more ambitious than previous posters.  We normally do one at a time – about every other year.  Not this time.

Project Definition:  Seven Cycles Poster for our top retailers.

Project Success:  Have retailers hang them prominently in their stores.  Run out of posters and people still want more.  Don’t exceed our budget.  Get some of them signed by the photographed athletes.  Meet our deadline.

Team:  Design:  Skunk.  Text:  John L.  Concept, direction, responsiblity:  Rob V.

Project Deadline:  Start shipping out on 25 June.

For this project we’re doing a set of four posters.

  1. Road:  Seven team members on the road.  Matt Roy from Seven – and Ride Studio Cafe Racers team.  And John Bayley and David Wilcox from the Ride Studio Cafe Racers team.
  2. Mountain:  Seven team members Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderick.  Working in an image that includes both of them.  Not an easy feat.
  3. Cyclocross:  Seven Cycles racer Mo Bruno Roy.
  4. Craft:  A photo of the seven framebuilding space.

Here’s the step by step – in reverse order:

October 17  |  Poster project for Seven Cycles is wrapping up.  It got sidelined by Seven’s brochure project.  Today we re-shot one of the photos for the four poster set, and we’re going to print by the end of this week.  The Mary and Mike poster were completed a while back – and M&M signed them all for us!

August 22  |   Re-shot the last of them.  We’re so picky.  Driving some people crazy.  Hoping to go to the printer on Friday.  “Hope in one hand…”

July 12  |  Mary and Mike posters arrived.  M&M signed all the posters!

July 6  |  Mary and Mike will be here next Thursday.  Surprise!  So we’re scrambling to see if we can get their posters here in time for M&M to sign 100 posters.  No problem.

July 3  |  I can’t go with the 11×17″ size posters so we’re stepping up to make all four 18 x 24″.  Of course this requires redesign of all four posters.  Some of the images are not quite high enough resolution to work well at 18×24.  It’s a pain but it will be worth it.  We want to assume that wherever these posters hang, they’ll be on the wall for a number of years.  We want to represent Seven.

July 2  |  The mountain poster is killing me.  It took a while to find the right photoset.  We’ve got some great shots now but combining Mary and Mike into one poster ain’t easy.

June 14  |  We’re moving fast on all the posters.  Today:

  • Skunk’s got the road poster pretty much complete.  I’m liking it; very simple black and white.  Three words.  Great spots from Natalia Boltukhova.
  • The craft poster is just about complete, too.  We just figured out how we’re going to fit ~35 employee signatures on the poster without overwhelming the image.
  • Still waiting on image rights for the Mary and Mike mountain poster.
  • Mo’s cross poster is ready to roll.  Tweaking text.

June 9  |  We’ve decided we’re doing a limited run of 100 posters for each type.

  • Hoping to get Mo to sign the cross posters.
  • Trying to figure out how to get Mary and Mike to sign the mountain posters.
  • I’d like to have all Seven employees sign the Craft poster – we’ll see if I can twist some arms.  100 posters won’t be enough.  What to do?
  • Still deciding which printer with which to work.

8 June:  Second draft of the first three complete.  First draft of the mountain poster ready.  I like all four image maps with which we’re working.  The toughest one is the road poster; I’ll explain why, later.  Skunk is rocking the visuals.  I’m definitely going to be hanging these posters in my office.

7 June:  John L. is working on text for each poster.  A handful of words for each.  Images are speaking.

5 June:  First photo layout and draft of three of the posters complete.  I’m liking them.  I’ve decided – against the typical marketing thinking – that each poster will be completely different in design, style, imagery, and purpose.

31 May:  Design directive in play.  We’re focused on imagery that represents Seven.  Not focused on bikes – focused on the way the bikes get used.  Chosen images for cross, and craft.  We’re playing with some possibilities for mountain and road.

26 May:  I’ve decided that we’re doing four posters instead of one.  One poster cannot speak to all riders.  Four posters isn’t even enough but we have to start somewhere.

23 May:  Project has been a bit stalled out because we have too many other things happening.  Getting it back on the tracks.

8 May:  John L. has been pushing for us to get a poster to our retailers.  Our last poster is a bit old.  I agree that it’d be good to do.  I talked with Skunk about putting this project on the calendar of 500 projects.  A bit challenging to decide it’s priority.

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