Irony of a Heavy Business Book

July 10, 2012

in Humor

Finally, a good use for some of the books I’ve read.

It’s probably a bit confusing what’s going on here.  Seven Cycles’ mountain bike posters arrived today.  Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderick – featured on the poster – will be visiting on Thursday to sign this limited run of 100 posters.  The printer rolled them up for shipping and now we’ve got to flatten them out for easy signing.

The photo shows some the poster being held down – or back – by some of my favorite business books.  Krissy asked for some heavy books and these were the first four I grabbed – she asked for Gray’s Anatomy but it was too high on the shelf.

It didn’t initially occur to me but it’s bit ironic because M&M might say that they are held back by corporate constraints.  It may not be coincidence that these four heavy books have been influential to the way in which I think about business.

And, here are the books, finally going to good use.

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