Seven Cycles Summer Cap 2012

February 12, 2012

in Graphic Design, Past

We’re designing a summer cap for Seven.  Finally.  After we immediately sold out of Seven’s first cap venture, we knew we wanted to offer something for the summer.

Design Mission:  Develop a lightweight summer cap that represents Seven Cycles.  Custom made exclusively for Seven Cycles in North America.  Taking cues from Seven’s last cap – the Three Season.

Highlights of this beauty include:

  • Custom made in North America exclusively for Seven Cycles
  • Made of very lightweight breathable summer linen so it’s a great companion on hot summer rides.  It’s black, white, dark green, and a hint of brown.  All of Seven’s favorite colors.
  • Two Seven logotypes – reasonably subtle and classic
  • Two sizes available, and an elastic at the cap’s back to fit just about anyone.

 Design Team

  • Co-Conspirators:  Chantal Boxer helped with style feedback and the voice of reason – as always.  Krissy managed the suppliers.  Skunk got them onto the website.
  • Seamster:  Red Dots Studio

Project Timeline – In Reverse:

July 2  |  They’re up on the Seven site!

June 22  |  They’re back from the embroiderer.  Now onto the Seven website.

June 14  |  Ooops.  Really, off the the embroiderer.   Photos soon.

May 24  |  Caps arrived.  They look great.  Now off the the embroiderer for a few special details.  Hoping to have the new cap on the Seven site by mid June.

March 8  |  Finalized the design and material.  Placed order.

Feb 28  |  Red Dot sent us some fabric samples.  I’m liking the green/white/brown pattern.  Super lightweight linen.  Perfect for summer riding.

February 16  |  It’s going to be a lightweight linen cap – since it’s for summer.  We want it to be the opposite of our 3-season cap.

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