Design: Studio Jersey & Bibs

February 4, 2012

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Initial Studio Jersey design

Working on a design for the first Ride Studio Cafe “Studio Jersey.”

We have a Club Kit – employing Rapha gear; we have a Team Kit employing Verge clothing.  Now we have the Studio Kit on which we’re working with Capo.

Project Timeline – in reverse:

July 3  |  Okay, seriously, they are off to Capo.  Capo to the rescue!

June 11  |  Final design sent to Capo.  Quantities confirmed.  Corsa cut confirmed.  Waiting for delivery.

June 2  |  A few tweaks in the layout.  Pretty much ready to go.  Pressure is on to get this kit done and deliverable.

11 May:  Club email sent.  Image imbedded.

4 May:  We’ve got the design pretty much agreed.  Sending out the design image to the club this week.  I think we’re going to get a lot of interest.

22 April:  I’ve gone back and forth a bit on the design.  I’m liking the rough final.  I with a few more tweeks we’ll be good to go.

20 February:  Second draft of the design complete.  We started with the Team Kit and iterated.  Essentially we want the same feel and more visible.

4 February 2012:  We’re going to introduce a Studio Kit that’s available to everyone.  Finally.  Club members can get the jersey and bibs for dues, too.  Particularly if they already have the Studio’s custom Rapha club jersey.

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