Journal: These Here Starry-Eyed Idealists

June 8, 2012

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7:20 am – 8:35 pm     ||     Seven  |  Studio  |  Seven

  • Complaint:  Too much commuting today.
  • Quote:  Tom Kellogg compliments Seven Cycles:  “we began working with Seven, delivery times improved significantly in both speed and consistency.  Of course, Seven has always been known for their efficiency and organization along with their building skills.  Wonderful.”
  • Product Design:  Low Mount dropout.  This project has gone on way too long – all because of me.  It’s actually way more complicated than anyone wants to think about.  We’ve got two competing designs:  one that’s a single piece design and one that’s a two piece design.  Both have benefits for the rider and both have downsides for our framebuilders.
  • Design:  2013 brochure is in full swing.  I’ve been getting a few printing quotes; our current printer did a great job so we’re likely to continue with them.  We’re thinking about printing it in a different way – part of the departure from the past; that’s the main reason for getting quotes so early.  An important part of the brochure – more important than past years – are the inserts and how we approach them.  They are playing a more important role than ever before.  And well worth it.
  • Product Design:  A6 chain stay protector.  Straightening out some confusion about the design.
  • Project:  Rando Proto was put on hold last week – due to lack of time and getting all the parts togheter – hubs, building wheels, and some other logistics – but it’s back on as of today.  Cool.  3 days to build the frame and 2 days to build the bike. Maybe.  We haven’t even finalized design specs yet.
  • Design:  Seven Cycles Posters.  This is just about complete.  Original deadline was to go to the printer today.  Not quite going to make it.  We’ve decided we’re doing a limited run of 100 posters for each type.  Hoping to get Mo to sign the cross posters.  Trying to figure out how to get Mary and Mike to sign the mountain posters.  I’d like to have all Seven employees sign the Craft poster – we’ll see if I can twist some arms.  100 posters won’t be enough.  What to do?  Still determining which printer with which to work.
  • Project:  Wrapping up the last of the work on the Let’s Talk About Bikes exhibit that opens next week.
  • Project:  Revamping Seven Cycles Charity Ride Program.  It’s a really unique and cool program of which not enough people take advantage.  Seven donates 7% of the retail value of the bike to the charity.  That’s pretty cool.  Sometimes retailers help Seven with this and sometimes they don’t.
  • Design:  Ride Studio Cafe riding gear.  Small steps today.  Close to completion.
  • Project:  Edge of Reason:  In play.  Getting quotes.  From meeting with Chantal B.

Journal entry title taken from the film Touch Of Evil:

“Look out. Vargas’ll turn you into one of these here starry-eyed idealists. They’re the ones making all the real trouble in the world. Be careful, they’re worse than crooks. You can always do something with a crook.”


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