Project: Edge of Reason

July 22, 2010

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Named because this project is not very reasonable.  EOR is an under wraps project that is not related to any of the other projects and companies with which I work.

Working title:  Edofre

This is a big project that will take lots of hours, is ongoing, involves people from all around the world, and is very different from anything I’ve worked on before.

Here is the reverse timeline of veiled progress; I’m trying to provide information without insight into what, specifically, this project is.

June 28:  Too much to do – too soon.  Not clear how we’re going to hit the December deadline.  In the midnight hours working on a Kickstarter plan, website, covering the costs of everything, and a distribution plan.  All new and all a lot of work that can’t get in the way of my day job.  Thankful for Chantal’s help.  Decided that December deadline might be too close.  We’re formulating backup plans.

June 15:  Worked with Chantal to day on this.  We’re bumping up against an mid December deadline.  Decided on the primary supplier – this is an important step.  I’m a bit worried that we’re not going to make it.  I have to get more people involved, soon.

June 7:  Working on travel schedule.  Starting to stress out about deadline.  Too many critical path projects at Seven Cycles, Ride Studio Cafe, and Honey Bikes.

April 27:  I think we’ve figured out a revenue model that may work.  Slightly unusual ideas; different model than I’ve seen before.  Taking many ideas and melding into one.  This is definitely a more colaborative project than I’ve ever done before.  In many ways I’m acting as more of a currator rather than a “president.”

March 14:  Mapped out the project in great detail.  It’s a lot.  Trying to figure out how I’m going to manage some of the design aspects that I don’t have any experience with.

We’re looking at Kickstarter as a possible initial funding source.

February 2, 2012:  Set deadline for public introduction:  December 2012.  Chantal Boxer is helping a ton on this.  A couple other people are helping, too; can’t say who, yet.


October 16:  Moving slow but steady.  First iteration of formal definition, mission and purpose.  Getting some momentum.

August 4:  Started putting out some feelers for people that might have interest in contributing to this project.

April 24:  I’m managing the 2012 Seven Brochure.  This has been informative for the EOR project.  I love working on the Seven brochure.  Too bad the deadline is always so challenging.  The brochure is usually about 40% of what I hop it’ll be.

January 14, 2011:  A new year and I’ve not got a deadline set for this project.  Making progress on the mission, style, and feel.  Very different from anything on which I’ve worked before.


November 8:  The Seven Cycles 2012 line introduction at Ride Studio Cafe provided me insight into this project.  All good.  And too much work.

August 22:  Some of the things happening at Ride Studio Cafe are reinforcing my interest – and belief – in this project.  I can see how this might actually work.

July 7, 2010:  For now, this page is just a time marker for when I first started working on this idea.  I’ll start filling it out as the project become public.


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