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January 22, 2014

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One of the many positive outcomes of Seven Cycles’ recent flood was this gift from David Porter of Winooski Bicycle.  I’ve known David for many years and I think he knew I’d appreciate his gift:

Fat City poster image

A limited edition photograph print of Fat City’s Somerville shop from about 1989 I’m guessing by the content of the shop.

Fat City poster logo

In another life I worked at Fat City – right in that space.  I have a lot of memories from that time and place.  Some of which I’ll write about someday.

I was working at Merlin Metalworks while Fat City was across the parking lot.  I would visit the the Fat City crew every day.  The energy of that space was magnetic.  It was so different from Merlin.  Merlin was my home; Fat City was like going to a rock show.

I will never forget that, one day, Chris Chance told me to get out of the shop because they had work to do.*  I was young and even dumber than I am today; it didn’t really occur to me that they were trying to get work done.

I was fortunate to work at both companies; I learned a lot by watching the divergent, and yet somehow ultimately similar, trajectories of Fat City and Merlin Metalworks.  Maybe I will remember those lessens like I remember Chris’ chastising.

The poster’s photos are by Christopher Green.  I’m 99% certain it’s this Christopher Green.

Fat City poster number

* Chris was always extremely nice to me other than that one time.  I don’t blame him for shooing me out of the factory.  Towards me, he was always very patient, soft spoken, and nice.

Thank you David Porter for the poster and the memories!

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