Rob Vandermark’s Departure From Merlin Metalworks

December 24, 1996

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This was a seminal day for me. In many ways this photograph marks the end of the beginning for me:  my departure from Merlin Metalworks.

In the photo, from left to right:

  • Tim Delaney:  on the sidelines for the moment.  Get him going and you’re in big trouble.
  • Someone, maybe Bob S.(?) going in the wrong direction – or is it the right direction?
  • Maxwell Kullaway:  on my wheel and trying to gain a head of steam.
  • Skunk(?):  In the background – you can barely see his face – with some kind of helmet on.  He’s on a 20″ wheel bike.  A secret weapon of the indoor race.
  • Me:  just barely avoiding the $30,000 worth of hanging titanium frames ready for customers.  It looks like I’m getting ready to reach down to pick up the box end wrench – purely as a defensive weapon, you understand.

I have a terrible memory but here’s what I recall:

Guy Parsons, Merlin’s latest owner, didn’t want to have a party for my departure – I don’t blame him – it was nothing to celebrate.  So, I asked if I could get a dozen donuts and do a couple ‘donut loops‘ around the shop – a type of fun indoor racing we developed – just for old times sake.  He didn’t see the harm in it, until the riding began.

An important side note:  we used to spray the floor with lemon Pledge so riders would slide out – dangerously – in the corners.  This photo shows some of this; the floor is kind of muddy with Pledge, dirt, and tire tracks.  I’m just trying to stay upright.

My last day was a blast and I exited in a perfect way for me:  causing mayhem; acting like a 10-year old; everyone laughing and having fun; no one the wiser, including me, as to what was going to happen next.

Enter Seven.

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