January 6, 2014

in Ephemera, Seven Cycles

No, not the mind-bending 135-minutes of cinematic agony from 1995.  I’m talking Waterworld at Seven Cycles.  Our own mind-bending experience this weekend.  The business above Seven had a pipe burst on Sunday evening.  Lots of water.  Lots of damage to Seven Cycles.  Fortunately about 85% of the water was contained within my office so no bikes or frames were injured during the event.

Notes become art - photo - Rob Vandermark

About 20 of my notebooks turned into abstract art. They’re probably more useful like this anyway.

Watered down photos - photo - Rob Vandermark

Watered down

Tears from a post-it - photo - Rob Vandermark

That Post-It isn’t the only one that shed tears

Flooded papers - photo - Rob Vandermark

Needing more floor space – and bigger fans

As the wise Ivan Vanko once said, “Don’t get too attached to things.  Learn to let go.”

Right on Ivan!

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