Merlin Newsboy T-Shirt

August 27, 2013

in Clothing Design, History

Jennifer Miller found this in her closet and brought it in for me.  It actually fits.  This is an interesting piece of memorabilia from the Merlin Metalworks history.

Merlin Newsboy t-shirt, back

The shirt indicates one of Merlin’s Massachusetts homes:  Cambridge.  I’m guessing this shirt is from 1993.  Maybe 1994.  the shirt was for the Merlin Newsboy limited edition race bike.

Merlin Newsboy t-shirt, frontTed Costantino designed the logo, font choice, and everything else about the t-shirt.  My job was to commercialize my original titanium cruiser race bike from 1989; I called my bike the Ti-Foon, as a hat tip to the Schwinn cruiser from which i ripped off the design, called the typhoon.  It was  a tough project to commercialize the T-Foon, but very rewarding.  I recall that we made only 200 of these in the Cambridge facility.  When American Bicycle Group bought Merlin in about 2000, they reintroduced the Newsboy and sold a few more.

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