Merlin Metalworks: Newsboy

January 1, 1993

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This is the production model of the Ti-Foon. Ted Costantino came up with this name. Seems that people like it. Ti-Foon would probably not have been possible anyway – Schwinn probably have contacted us about “brand confusion.”

I can’t remember the year we introduced it.  I’ll dig that up someday.  I believe it was 1993.

“On the trail,”, notes Mike Ferrentino in a Winning magazine review, “the Newsboy feels anything but cruiserlike, begging to be hammered like any good 22-pound titanium race bike should. It is a quick handling, agile bike that floats up hills and accelerates with ethereal ease. The Newsboy seems build for those sections of hard, middle-ring single trail where the rider has to get down and dirty and muscle the bike where it’s supposed to go. In this type of terrain, the Merlin can be flicked around and pointed where needed with almost arrogant impunity. Power along the straights, weight outside pedal, and jam the bike into turns. [T]he bike snaps around like it’s on rails.”

Kalimoto says,

“The Newsboy’s most prominent feature is its unfettered, sweeping style. In a world of look-alike race bikes, the Newsboy eloquently refutes the contention that form must bow to function. Instead, form and function are combined as in no other bike in the world. And the result, quite simply, is sublime.”

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