Merlin Metalworks: Ti-Foon aka Newsboy

January 1, 1988

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Named after the Schwinn Typhoon.  Merlin had a 24″ wheeled Typhoon that I – and others – used to ride to get lunch.  I loved that bike and decided to modify it for mountain bike racing.  I quickly realized that 26″ wheels would work better so I started modifying a black Schwinn 26″ cruiser – I don’t remember what model.  I was putting cantilever brakes on the frame and fork and realized that the fork would never hold up for racing.  I was going to use a Ritchey fork; this lead to starting from a frame from scratch.  I think I started it in early 1988.

There seems to be a lot of myth about the original “Newsboy” that I built back in 1998.  Here’s a rambling collection of what’s accurate.

Here’s a post I wrote a while back.

Matt took a few nostalgic photos in early 2012.

Here’s a great site that tries to piece together Merlin’s history.  And has some information about the Ti-Foon and Newsboy.

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