Journal: Moisture-Induced Glitter Clump

January 11, 2013

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Friday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:25 am – 9:35 pm

  • Product Consulting:  The 3.0 eBike project looks like something will happen.  Electric bikes are for someone. F.B.
  • Product Development:  Hup Honey Winter Time bike.  This is a cool bike.  A mix of rando, gravel, harsh weather.  A bit of everything but it will excel as a road bike, too.  I think it will fit 33c tires – I’m a fan of Jack Browns; I know, a bit odd for winter.  I’ve got some other options in the hopper, too.  That’s the plan anyway.  Thought about making it compatible with 650b wheels, too.  But I’ve decided that this isn’t a disc bike.  It’s a medium reach caliper brake bike.  Fender-able, big tires, and more.  A performance bike that can handle any road that a car once went down.  And a lot of single track, too.
  • Business Management:  We did some good clinicing this evening at the Ride Studio – on the Cafe side.  Too rare that we get together and talk technical as a group.  I can’t wait until the next session.  So much to cover.  We could have spent three hours, easily, just discussing water temperature as relates to coffee brewing – and we only use three brew methods for customers.  I wish I had time to document some of what we’re covering.  Of course, there are lots of great sources for smart coffee thinking but I’ve come to realize that the good thinking is sometimes not so easy to discern from the bad thinking.  I guess that’s true in any industry; I’m just not so well versed in coffee so I’m more surprised when I see it.
  • Product Development:  Hup Honey Cross bike.  Lots of good design elements have come together on this bike.  disc fork; tapered fork steerer; about 5 ounces lighter than the 1.0 Hup frame.  Kit is a mix of SRAM Rival/Red.  Great wheel.  Paint scheme coming together; very different from what Honey has done before.  That’s Hup for you!  I want to ride this bike when it’s done – maybe before it’s done.
  • Business Development:  Worked on the new cafe menu today.  Both the contents and the physical menu system.  Actually the menu contains two distinct menu systems:  the wall board and the hand menu.  The next gen wall board is up and limping along.  the printed menu is a lifetime away, today.
  • Product Development:  Chain stay design.  Spent a lot of time today with Stef working on a design that we haven’t done before; that’s actually a rare occurrence.  Usually we’re modifying one of the hundreds we’ve done before.  This one we did from scratch.  We did some work to organize the 20+ variables.  A bit of progress each day.
  • Product Development:  Hup Honey Mountain 29er bike.  Worked with Dan V. on finalizing the design today.  And worked on sourcing the 1×11 SRAM kit.  A few parts not available.  I really want to get it set up as a 1×11.  We’ll figure something out.  Working on paint scheme.  It’s a bit tricky to design five paint schemes in one week.

Post title:  A line from The Big Bang Theory.  Followed by, “Yeah, it’s a bitch.”

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