Product Development: Hup Honey Bike – Cyclocross Race 2.0

December 6, 2012

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A couple years ago Honey Bikes teamed up with Hup United to create a Limited Edition Cyclocross bike – a pure US race bike.  We worked with Chip Baker and Hup founder Zac Daab on that project.  That bike was a huge success and a lot of fun.  We’ve been talking with Chip about doing another limited edition bike with Hup – and this is it!  Actually, this is one of three; the other two bikes are a mountain bike and a winter trainer.

Project:  Hup Cyclocross Race 2.0

746 - Honey Hup cross detailing

Project Directive:

  • Steel frame and carbon fork tipping the scales in the realm of aluminum and carbon – even lighter than the last one – while maintaining the classic Honey durability and warranty
  • Disc specific – low mount frame and Enve carbon fork
  • A frame geometry designed for tight New England cross courses while still being a blast to ride on some of the upcoming endurance cross races.  April is right around the corner.
  • Only offer a handful of bikes for a very limited time
  • Design colorways that make this bike stand out – in a good way
  • Represent Hup United!

I think we can accomplish all of these ideas.  Oh, and we’re introducing the bike at a special Hup event in January.  About 5-weeks away.

Okay, now it’s two weeks away.  We’ve got the prototype frame in production.

Photos below the fold.

Project timeline in reverse:

January 11  |  Lots of good design elements have come together on this bike.  disc fork; tapered fork steerer; about 5 ounces lighter than the 1.0 Hup frame.  Kit is a mix of SRAM Rival/Red.  Great wheel.  Paint scheme coming together; very different from what Honey has done before.  That’s Hup for you!  I want to ride this bike when it’s done – maybe before it’s done.

January 10  |  Cutting metal today.  Lots of details that are new and different.  Some new tube butting; oversized seat tube, 44 mm head tube, superlight seatstays.  More and more.  Mike S. knocking it out of the park.

January 7  |  Colorways underway.  Three bikes on which to work so three distinct colorway to develop.  I’m excited about all three; very different from the 2010 bike.

January 5  |  We’re working on three bikes at once.  For the cross bike we’ve settled on tubeset.  Deciding on what size to build.  Debating parts pick:  SRAM for light weight or Shimano for some of the cool factor?  What about Campy?  We’re working on a separate Campy cross project so that’s already tied up.  We decided we’re going to offer a non-disc version of the bike, too.

January 3, 2012  |  The project is officially on.  We have only a couple weeks to get this completed.  We’re working on tubeset design, dropout and disc system – in order to minimize weight while maintaining braking performance.  Colorways in play.

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