Journal: Consistency Isn’t a Necessary Aspect of the Universe

December 3, 2012

in Journal Notes

Monday location:  Seven     ||     7:30 am – 7:40 pm

  • Book Project:  Met today with Mark Reilly from Enigma Bicycle today about a book on which he’s working.  He traveled from the UK and Seven Cycles was his first visit.  The book is about the twelve best bike builders in the world, or something like that.  He was a really nice guy and had a lot of interesting stories about his 25-year framebuilding journey.  He and I started framebuilding at the same time.  But we have a lot more in common than just that.
  • Bike Review:  Lovely Bicycle wrote some very nice words – again – about her Seven bike.  Velouria is the best!  We’re so fortunate to count her among our customers and friends.
  • Product development:  We’re making progress on Matt Roy‘s rando proto project.  Now that Mo is settled in on her MH PRO 2, we can get back into the rando world.  Additionally, Matt fits my rando bike pretty well so it took some pressure of completing this new design for the 2012 season.  However, we’ve got some early season ride projects lined up so we’re back on this proto.
  • Graphic Design:  The winter t-shirt design for Ride Studio Cafe is complete.  Going to print tomorrow.  I’m liking it.
  • Product Design:  I’ve been talking – for about a year – with an old pro rando person [J.H.] about a special project.  It’s looking like this might happen.  Seven is doing so many rando bikes that it’ll be interesting to design one that’s fairly classic.  Most of our rando projects are very contemporary – like Matt R.’s, John B.’s, Matt O.’s, and even two that I made for me.  I’ve got to post about these soon.

Post title:  Frank Herbert, Dune Messiah

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