Bike Review: Lovely Bicycle! I Never Asked for a Honeymoon

December 3, 2012

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Velouria of Lovely Bicycle! wrote an update about her Seven.  She continues to be very positive about the bike.  She’s the greatest.

Velouria’s one of a kind decals

Here are a few of her words:

[…]  it has thrown me for a loop to realise that maybe, just maybe I am in a prolonged honeymoon phase with my Seven roadbike, which I’ve owned since Spring of this year. The symptoms are there: Everything about it feels “perfect.”  […]

The fact that it’s welded and has a carbon fork somehow only accentuates its charm, even as I wax lyrical about lugs. And more disturbingly, I have lost interest in other bikes in its category. This last part is a problem! I would like, in theory to keep trying other roadbikes and comparing them, thereby learning more about the feel of different frame materials and different handling characteristics. But in practice, I don’t really want to ride bikes other than my own just yet.  […]

It’s as if I haven’t had enough of it yet, even after 2,000 miles. […]  I hope to get over this soon. Until then, you are unlikely to see much in the way of roadbike test-rides here.

I hope Velouria doesn’t get over the honeymoon too soon, if ever.  I do fear that soon enough she won’t be riding any bike but her own.  Keep up on all of the great work happening at Lovely Bicycle!

Velouria’s Seven – Lovely Bicycle!

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