Bike Prototype: Randonneur Racer

May 22, 2012

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Last night I met with Matt Roy, and Mo Bruno Roy, about a number of projects and ideas.  One of the projects is a Race Bred Randonneur Bike.  Not just any randonneur bike; this is an evolution – at the very least – of the rando bike I put together just over a year ago for the Green Mountain Double Century.  Matt and the Ride Studio Cafe Endurance team – raced that bike to a very impressive first place.  It was a ridiculous race but he said the bike did it’s job.

Details of the 2011 race.  Here’s Dave Wilcox’s GPS information from 2011.

Matt Roy – taking a break to be a Bike Mechanic | Photo: Natasha Boltukhova

We’re now collaborating on Seven’s next generation endurance bike.  It’s going to be really cool.  Definitely the best high-performance rando bike ever.  I can say this because Matt R. is driving a lot of the design intent.  I’m simply trying to keep up and execute on his vision.

I’ll add to this page as the bike comes along.  Adding in reverse order – newest information on top.

We’re in phases three right now:

Phase 3:  The hard work of designing and building the bike

December 3  |  Now that Mo is settled in on her MH PRO 2, we can get back into the rando world.  Additionally, Matt fits my rando bike pretty well so it took some pressure of completing this new design for the 2012 season.  However, we’ve got some early season ride projects lined up so we’re back on this proto.

July 14:  Looked into the wiring harness situation a bit more.  Internal wiring; battery charger; ease of set up.

July 1:  Matt and I talked about generator light wiring, fork design, tail light, and gps battery integration.  We’re meeting next week to finalize the design and begin the build.  SRAM is helping, too.

June 8:  Rando Proto was put on hold last week – due to lack of time and getting all the parts togheter – hubs, building wheels, and some other logistics – but it’s back on as of today.  Cool.  3 days to build the frame and 2 days to build the bike. Maybe.  We haven’t even finalized design specs yet.

Matt and I have agreed to pretty much every detail of the design.  It’s a lot to complete in a week.  We agree that correct is more important than fast so we’re moving as quickly as possible while having a good back up plan in place for the GMD.

Phase 2:  Test riding, feedback, feasibility, and sanity check

The first randonneur design from 2011, updated with SRAM Red 2012 | Photo: Rob Vandermark

June 3:  Matt’s been riding a Seven 622.  So far he’s liking it a lot.  He now has a comparative with the Seven Axiom sl that he raced last year.  He’s ridden a lot of non-Seven’s too.

I’m behind on the design phase.  I think we’ve got a good solution for disc fork.  And we’re doing a tapered fork – and therefore an oversized headtube.

May 29:  First draft on feasabilty completed.  Hidden mounts? Check.  Tapered fork steerer and head tube?  Check.  And on and on.  All checks so far.  Secret details – not so sure about.

Phase 1:  Draft and idea generation

May 23:  I’m only providing the details that we’re comfortable having be public.  A lot of it is still hush.  Matt Roy put these in terms of levels of absurdity:

  • Level 1:  Fast & Contemporary
    • This is a race bred bike worthy of the toughest fastest road races.
    • Super light overall bike weight
    • Probably a 622 – carbon tubes with titanium lugs.  About 2.3 lb frame
    • Probably disc brakes front and rear.  Unfortunately disc forks haven’t caught up with cross and road bikes yet so the options are very limited.
    • Tapered fork and head tube.
    • Fits 28c tires and full fenders.
  • Level  2:  Hidden Aspects
    • Hidden fender mounts front and rear
    • Hidden rear rack mounts
    • Internal wiring for the generator hub and light system – front and rear
  • Level 3:  Over the Edge
    • Stem ideas that have been kicking around for a while.  Oval concepts did a project that we’ll be borrowing from.  Not so sure that this idea will work well.  Testing will prove idea.
  • Level 4:  Meeting Brevet Requirements
    • Details shared later…
  • Level 5:  Secretish
    • Getting it done on time.
    • More to come

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