Journal: In Possibility One Can Go Astray In All Possible Ways

November 26, 2012

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Monday location:  Seven     ||     8:05 am – 7:45 pm

  • New Hire:  We just hired Mary A. as a Seven Cycles’ newest frame finisher   She’s already being helpful today!  That will be it for new hires for 2012.  But I hear that 2013 is not too far off.
  • Product Development:  Met with Mo Bruno Roy and Matt Roy this evening to finalize details of Mo’s new Mudhoney PRO design.  We learned a lot from her first prototype.  We’re incorporating all the production improvements we’ve made in the past year-and-a-half.  And we’re including a few new aspects not yet available on production models.  We’re working to have the frame ready to race this weekend.
  • Project Management:  We just posted the 2013 brochure credits on Seven’s site.  We have a lot of help from a lot of people; this page is one of the ways we’re saying thank you.
  • Clothing Design:  Finished designing the Rapha Seven long sleeve wool jersey tonight with Skunk and Lily.  I’m hoping we’ll be including a new style zipper pull.  The deadline is tight.  What’s new.
  • Press:  Bicycling Magazine:  I’m in the “custom-bike circles.”  I finally got a copy of Bicycling’s December issues.  Good article about five great titanium bike builders.  Apparently titanium is not dead.

Post title:  “In possibility everything is possible.  Hence in possibility one can go astray in all possible ways.”  – Soren Kierkegaard

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