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November 26, 2012

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The December issue of Bicycling Magazine has a review of five titanium bikes.  The article is also a piece about how titanium is still relevant in this time of carbon.  Fortunately I already knew that.  The article reviews five titanium builders:

  • Spectrum Cycles:  Frame fabricated by Seven Cycles.  As the article indicates, Tom Kellogg and I have worked together for more than two decades!  Much to his chagrin.
  • Firefly Bicycles:  Friends and hometown geniuses, made good.
  • Crisp Titanium:  An American – Darren Crisp – and friend in Italia.
  • Kent Erikson:  Founder of Moots and elder statesman of mountain biking.
  • Baum Cycles:  A builder in Australia.

I was flattered to be interviewed for the article introduction by Andrew Bernstein.  Andrew terms me as having, “a nearly unmatched pedigree in custom-bike circles.”  What an honorific!

More from the article:

“In 1991, a year after winning his third Tour de France, Greg Lemond‘s Z Team came back to the race on prototypes of the Merlin Extralight.  The first titanium bike to fully achieve the metal’s promise, it was as strong as steel but lighter, and possessed a unique and pleasing road feel – slightly more forgiving. with a little extra spring, and somewhat counterintuitively, also more stiffness.

[…]  Vandermark […] created that iconic Extralight.”

[…]  “there is still nothing quite like titanium.”

Thank you Andrew for looking back at some titanium history.  I’m gratified to be included in the discussion.

Here’s a bit more information about the Merlin Extralight project.

Photo:  Calvin getting ready to beat Greg’s frame into shape.  Photo:  Matt O’Keefe – I think.  Early 1991.


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