Fall Five Stage Three – Rob’s Results

October 31, 2012

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A brief sign language description of my performance in Stage 3 of the Ride Studio Cafe’s Fall Five. “I barfed in my car watching Rob ride this stage; it was like taking an arrow through the throat. Stop, just stop. He should quit while he’s behind. Take up juggling, or fight club, instead.”
Apologies to Lydia Callis.

Here’s my accounting of my “race” results on Stage Three of the Ride Studio Cafe’s Fall Five.

Stage Three Race Summary Haiku:

ascending three hills
finish line observes my lope
no breath to argue

Stage Three Race Summary Stats:

  • Race Time:  Wenesday, October 31 at 7:30 pm
  • Stage Type:  Mountain
  • Weather:  Temperature 50 f; no wind
  • Time bonus:  For photos on this stage:  Five seconds for five photos.
  • Comment:  Out of breath.  And I can’t wait for Stage Four.  To be over?
Fall Five dope doping tip #34:  Stand on your feet for 14+ hours prior to racing.  You’ll be surprised at the results.


Stage Three Photos:


Taking a moment to reflect on the wall.

I was following the yellow line. That’s the problem.

I feel like the Minute Man has turned his back on me. Forsaken by the Lexingtonian saint. Why? Why?

Fall Five dope doping tip #27: Doing a lot of dishes is the ideal pre-race warm-up. If you don’t have enough dishes, I have some I’ll share.

Thinking about riding. Not during the daylight hours, though.

Lydia Callis gif source.  Full video example here.

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