Fall Five Stage Three: Mountain Stage

October 4, 2012

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October 28, 29, or 30

Yes, a mountain stage in the Lexington area.  Anyone that rides around here can probably guess where the mountain is:  Think water tower.

This is likely to be the most painful stage for many racers.

Important information about this stage:

  • This is a three climb race.  We’re adding together the times for the three climb segments to determine the overall stage winner.  In other words we’re only timing the climbs, not the descents.  Race up the hills for the best time.  Take your time, and be safe, on the descents because we’re not including these times.  You can take as much recovery time between the climbs as you’d like.  The only requirement is that you ride all three on one non-stop ride.
  • Ride the three climbs in the order we provide.
  • In Race Competition:  KOM and QOM prizes for the fastest overall time up all three climbs.
  • In Race Competition:  Mountain Goat prizes for the fastest time up the third climb.

Here are the three “climb-time” segments:

First Mountain:  Park Avenue Climb:  5.6% grade, 0.7 miles, 203 feet of vertical, 2:18/3:30 K/QOM
Start: at the turn off Mass Ave
End: at the cross walk right before the fire station at the top of the hill
Second Mountain:  Quincy Street Climb:  8.5% grade, 0.6 miles, 269 feet of vertical, 2:48/3:30 K/QOM
Start: at the turnoff from Mass Ave
End:  at Park Circle – the loop around the water tower, but you’re not racing around the water tower
Third Mountain:  Eastern Avenue Climb:  7.1% grade, 0.8 miles, 282 feet of vertical, 2:56/3:42 K/QOM
Start:  at the driveway in the dead end street – Jason St.  This start is a bit confusing because it looks like the dead end is Spring St. but it’s actually Jason St.
End:  at the stop sign at the top

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