Fall Five Stage Four: Circuit Race

October 4, 2012

in Rides

Race Time:  Choose your preferred day:
Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday,
October 30, 31 or November 1

This is a tough one.  And maybe the most fun?  We expect this race to show the fastest average speed.  Fairly flat, you’ll be doing Four laps of 3.3 miles each.  Quiet roads in really good condition.  Speed is your friend.

Important information about this stage:
  • This is a four lap Circuit Race.  Each lap is 3.3 miles so the total is just over 13 miles.
  • There are some leaves on the road so be careful in the corners.
  • A few tight turns so stay aware:
    • Mile 0.29 is right onto a somewhat busy street – Hancock Street.
    • Mile 0.56:  go straight by the rotary.  This can be a bit confusing.  On Hancock Street.
    • Mile 1.71 is a tight right curve on Burlington Street; not an intersection.
    • Mile 2.47 is a tight right onto Adams Street at a 4-way intersection.  Decent visibility and very quiet.
    • Mile 3.3, the start-finish area, is a tight right onto Coolidge Avenue with very good visibility.
  • The last mile of the circuit – on Adams Street – is brand new pavement so it’s beautiful.  The first half of the loop is in great condition, too.

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