Journal: The Price of Creation Is Never Too High

October 9, 2012

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Tuesday location:  Seven     ||     7:35 am – 9:35 pm

  • Quote:  Graeme Fife mentioned in an email to me:  “When we do not live, we are walking to our own funeral.”  I thought it was a quote by someone else but I searched and I can’t fine any quote similar, so I’ll credit him.  Every email from Graeme is poetry.
  • Product Design:  The Ockham Fender Mount.  Just renamed to be the 780.  Now in production.  $20 per pair.  $40 per bike.  Ride Studio Cafe has a need for many.  Supply and demand.
  • Graphic Design:  Ride Studio Cafe rider kits are in the mail.  Capo has been great to work with.  I can’t wait to see the final product.  And I know some other people are anxious, too.  I’ll post photos soon.
  • Deadlines:  We’re wrapping up the brochure.  No, really.  Keep finding typos.   Fixing some bylines.  Tuning some photos.  Nitpicking about grammar.  When is a book complete?  It’s never complete.  It’s never perfect.  That’s why deadlines are so helpful.  And the best deadlines are externally imposed.  In Seven’s case, Interbike is our self-imposed deadline.  About mid September.  We missed that deadline by a few dozen hours of work but I decided to let it slide because getting is right was more important than getting it to Interbike.  Time will tell if I was correct.  Now the new deadline is looming.  And we’re going to meet that one.
  • Note:  I keep getting contact poison ivy from something – my clothes somehow.  I can’t seem to figure it out.  This is the first season it’s happened to me.  It’s happened three times this year already.  It’s a bad year for poison ivy.

Post title:  “The price of creation is never too high.  The price of living with other people always is.”  –  Charles Bukowski

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