Product Design: Fender Mounts

May 28, 2012

in Bike Design, Product Design

The Ockham Fender Mount

This is about as simple as a product can get.  Sometimes that’s the best kind of design – often it’s the best kind of design.

Forever there’s been a challenge in New England:  how to install fenders on your road race bike?  No fender mounts.  Race Blades are fine but not as good a as a full fender.  So what’s a good solution other than a lot of electrical or duct tape?

Enter Seven’s Ockham Fender Mount – I’ve named it after William of Ockham – it’s about as simple as a fender mount can get.  But it’s also very durable and serves it’s purpose very well.

For years at Seven Cycles we’ve made simple fender mount adapters for forks and frames that don’t already have fender mounts.  I can’t remember who made the first one at Seven.  I’m guessing Matt O. or Skip B.  The mounts are perfect for road bikes on which you don’t typically want to have fenders – or the requisite mounts; a common situation.  I’ve only been doing this for employee bikes; this is in no way a Seven project.  Seven doesn’t sell or endorse this mount system.  I’ve been making some sets on my own now – it’s Vandermark Industrial :p, Inc.   It seems like more and more mounts every week.  I’m sensing a trend.


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