Journal: Taking Crazy Pills

August 13, 2012

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Location Monday:  Seven  |  Studio  |  Seven     ||     7:45 am – 10:05 pm

  • Design:  More progress on the Seven Cycles 2013 brochure.  Project mission agreed upon.  Put together a format that might work well.  Skunk is already compiling a set of images and imagery.  I’ve done a draft of messaging.  We’ve got a second round list of people we’re asking for involvement from.  Lists are too long.  We’re in whittle down mode right now.
  • Scheduling:  The Ride Studio Cafe schedule is about to implode.  Looking for four people to cover lots of hours.  We’ve got a great list of likely candidates but final hiring can’t occur quickly enough.  Ariela Rose is stepping up big time on the cafe side.  Patria continues to find a way to work more hours every week.  Not a good situation but help is on the way.  Erica’s last week at the Studio.
  • Project:  Met with Sean Griffing tonight to debreif about the Ride Studio Cafe’s participation in with the Rialto Trade Team for Pan Mass Challenge.  We approached this year much differently than last year.  It seemed to work well because they raised more money than last year and it was easier for the Studio. We did put on two big rides – Crazy 88 and Observatory Ride – that seemed to be huge successes for most everyone.  We talked about next year, too, and what that might look like.  So far away at the moment.
  • Learning:  I did a special fitting at the Ride Studio Cafe today.  It was interesting.  I was helping another retailer – no one local.  The retailer was stumped about what to do with this customer.  It’s so interesting how the message can get lost in the medium.  Intentions and perceptions are rarely, if ever, the same.  The customer is every happy with the outcome and he’ll be riding well and injury free for the rest of the season.

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