Ride Project: Crazy 88 Ride

May 11, 2012

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Ride Project #7 for 2012

RSC Crazy 88 Ride start | Photo Curtiss Barnes

The Plan:  Expanding on the first TRADE ride of the 2012 season.  80+ miles.  With a fair amount of climbing.  To wrap up the TRADE Pan Mass Challenge training ride project in a big way.

Pamela Blalock comes to the rescue again for this ride.  Pamela has a great route that heads west past Harvard and nearly to mount Wachusett Mountain.  Don’t worry, though; we’re not climbing it.  We’re simply seeing some of the beautiful roads west of the Studio.


When:  Sunday, July 1, 2012 departing at 8amThe Logistics:

Where:  Departing from the Ride Studio Cafe

The Route:  Eighty-eight miles in a double figure eight set of loops – hence the name.  We wanted to do an 80-90 mile ride for this TRADE collaborative.

The Studio has custom cue sheets for this long ride.  We’ve also got GPX files for those with Garmin and other GPS devices.  If riding while reading a cue sheet is not your style, we have some ride leaders and ride sweepers for the ride.

Because this is a long ride, we’re doing it brevet style – riders are on their own to make their way using their cue sheets and GPS devices.  This ride is self supported so make sure you bring proper tools.

The Funness:

  • The high point of the ride is just shy of 1,000 feet.  Total climbing is about 5,100 for the day.
  • The Sul Posto Cafe out on the road somewhere.
  • Keyks bakery is hosting a rest stop with special treats and Studio drinks.
  • The Ride Studio Cafe Team will be on hand to help and keep the pace up; there are a few town lines along the way, of course.
  • And, best for last, after all those miles, when you’re back to the threshold of the Ride Studio, we’ll have cupcakes for everyone.  Not just any cupcakes:  Keyks cupcakes.  You have to do the 88-miles to get one of these specially made “88 Cakes.”  Believe those that have had a Keyk cupcake before, 88-miles will be well worth it.
  • In addition to the cupcakes, we’ll have wholesome post-ride snacks to help you recover and recharge.

The Purpose:  The overarching purpose of this and the last ride is to raise awareness about TRADE, Rialto, and the Pan Mass Challenge.  We want riders to come out and meet the great people of Trade and Rialto.

Please RSVP because we’re providing food.

Special thanks to:

  • TRADE Restaurant
  • Rialto Restaurant
  • Keyk Bakery
  • Pamela Blalock
  • The Ride Studio Cafe Team

Read more on my post from Ride Studio Cafe.


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