Journal: The Speed of Sound Is Too Slow

August 1, 2012

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Location Wednesday:  Seven     ||     7:25 am – 9:15 pm

  •  Graphic Design:  White Team Kits arrived today!  For the Ride Studio Cafe Team.  Looking sharp.  And good for the cool weather.  Great job Verge.
  • Project:  Retailer program 2013 for Seven Cycles.  We’re making some big changes for the season.  All positive for our retailers.  We’ll see but I’m excited.
  • Engineering:  Fatigue testing stress risers.  As part of our latest titanium testing I’ve added some stress riser tests.  Years ago we did some testing that yielded pretty counter-intuitive results.  I’m hoping we can recreate these results for this new generation of material enthusiasts.  I want to get going on this but we can’t begin until the carbon testing round is complete.  Soon.
  • Time Marker:  Erica R. leaving the Studio.  Finally found her dream teaching job.  We always knew it would happen, just not so soon.  I’m looking forward to being more involved in the Cafe over the next few months as we find a new manager.  This makes number eight on the recruiting list.

“The speed of sound is too slow for Olympic athletes. That is to say, athletes far away from the starting pistol were delayed by the time it took for the sound to travel to them, and differences so tiny can matter in races in which the margins are so small.”

Sprinters in the position farthest from the pistols were getting slower start times”

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