Project: Testing Carbon Finishing Processes

June 20, 2012

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We’re working on a new surface finishing process for Seven Cycles’ carbon frames.  If this process works we’ll make the work more enjoyable and save some time.  However, the real trick is to ensure that the process won’t have any impact on the service life of the frames.  This means a lot of fatigue testing.

Project timeline in reverse:

August 17  |  We just wrapped up the second frame test; it went through without a hitch.  We’re going to run the third frame design on Monday.  I’m pretty confident that we’ll see good results on the next test.  Assuming that works we’re then onto some paint system testing on carbon.  That will take another few weeks.  Slow and steady.

August 2  |  Next round for frames in process.  Always progress too slow for me.  Regardless, Bryan H. and Lloyd G. are doing a great job of thinking it through and coming up with likely good solutions.  We’ve got three frames going around in what feels like circles.  Final results soon.  I think the second test will be completed on Tuesday.

July 16  |  Seven Cycles carbon frame passed the first test!  This is good; now onto the next frame.  We want to ensure duplication of results before we field beta testing.  This result is a very good sign though.

July 13  |  Looks like the first round passed.  This is a really good sign; in general, passing the first test is rarely a fluke so I’m feeling pretty confident about all the test pieces passing.  We’ll know in about two more weeks.  This also means that I can start in earnest on the next round of titanium tests.

July 9  |  Woo hoo.  It’s happening.  I can hear the tester running.  Expecting first numerical results tomorrow afternoon – sooner if something bad happens.  Bad is okay; we still learn a lot on every test we run.  Bryan H. is running it like a DJ.

June 29:  Everything is hooked up – air, computer, etc. and ready for testing.  The first frame is also, finally, ready to go.  Starting the test today or Monday.

June 26:  Fatigue testing is plugging along.  Bryan H. is pulling everything together for this latest round.  We’ve moved the testing machine – Tessa – to a new spot.  We’re setting up a computer that isn’t from the naughts.  It’s getting to be high-tech.  I think we’ll be fatigue testing the latest frame project tomorrow!

June 20:  We’ve just started a new round of carbon frame testing.  In this round we’re working on a few surface treatment idea.  I’m fairly confident that the results will be very positive.  We’re running a few rounds of full frame tests and we’ll evaluate bell curve fatigue comparisons.  Testing starts on Monday.

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