Graphic Design: White Kit for Ride Studio Cafe Team

March 22, 2012

in Graphic Design

Black is the Studio team color.  Black everything:  bibs, jerseys, jackets, caps, socks, etc.

So, this is a big deal:  White kits for the Ride Studio Cafe Racers!  It is going to get a bit toasty this summer.  Our Team gear is 95% black and some of it is even wool.  I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want that in a sunny 100 degree 30hour road race.

I’m glad we’re doing this and that the team is on board.

Here’s the project timeline in reverse:

August 1  |  White Team Kits arrived today!  For the Ride Studio Cafe Team.  Looking sharp.  And good for the cool weather.  Great job Verge.  I consider this project officially completed!

July 5  |  Astounding that today is the day when the order goes to Verge and they’re going to start dying and cutting fabric.  They’ve been super patience.  We’ve been moving so slow in this project that we discussed holding off until next season.  But, I think it’s going to be a long hot summer and I know the team will like them once they have them.

May 22  |  Getting the final order details from the team is a bit of a challenge.  Jay Robbins has been super diligent.  Now Todd Rowell is helping out, too.  They’ll make it happ’n, cap’n.

April 12  |  I did say that the original inverse was too simple; I meant too easay.  So, I made it more difficult.  I want to design a true white jersey for the team, not just a reverse.

March 29  |  We’re simpl going to make a negative of our black jersey – whatever was black is now white.  What was white is now black.  Too simple.

March 22  |  Jay emailed:  “[…]  had sort of jokingly mentioned to Rob doing a white summer kit, and then someone on the team actually came up with the idea too.  Not necessarily a full white kit, but at least white jerseys (with the black and whites inversed?) to go with our  existing black bibs.  I confirmed with Verge that they’d be willing to do the inversedwhite/black jerseys […]”  Oh, oh.  Now look what you’ve done.

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