Product: Team Socks for the Ride Studio Cafe Racers

March 4, 2012

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This is a project that took way too much time, relative to what resulted.  The sock looks great and the quality is excellent.  I’m really happy with the outcome but it’s hard to believe the number of hours that went into design and management.  Hours-per-inch – is that a technical term? – was proportionately very high.  Skunk took point on supplier management and co-design with me.  Jay Robbins found the right supplier – Save Our Soles – and held my feet to the fire [get it?] in order to have these socks before first snow.

Ride Studio Cafe socks relaxing on a 120-mile ride | Photo: Patria Lanfranchi

Here are the highlights of these killer socks:

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from more than 50% bamboo.  Bamboo rocks because it’s very comfy, durable, exhibits excellent moisture wicking, and has natural antimicrobial properties.  Bamboo is also very environmentally friendly.
  • Some design highlights:
    • 5″ cuff – the PRO length this month – that is very stretchable but stays in place.
    • Air Sole Mesh(tm) is a blend of bamboo and nylon for maximum breathability.
    • Rosso smooth toe seam for excellent comfort and improved durability.
    • Studio black with highlights of the Studio blue – including the bike logo, coffee logo, and our “infinity” logo.
  • Special price for Ride Studio Cafe Club Memebers – 1/3 off.

Ride Studio Cafe socks at the g-Race | Photo: Patria Lanfranchi

How durable are these socks?  The Ride Studio Cafe Racer team put the socks through a grueling test at the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race of 122-miles in rain, mud, and lots of grit and dirt.  Results were good.  These socks are comfortable and durable.  And black does a good job of hiding the grit.

This project was a bit cumbersome because in the design process we ended up revising the graphics five times.  In part because I hadn’t worked on this type of sock before, also because of the amount of stretch these socks are seeing, some stitch count details, and because of some supplier manufacturing limitations we didn’t understand until the 11th hour.

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