Journal: Triptych Folded Upon Itself

July 16, 2012

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On my desk – Red 2012 – Lucky me

Location Monday:  Seven     ||     7:45 am – 7:40 pm

  • Project:  Carbon frame fatigue test:  Seven Cycles carbon frame passed the first test!  This is good; now onto the next frame.  We want to ensure duplication of results before we field beta testing.  This result is a very good sign though.
  • Product Development:  Seven Cycles Integrated Seat Post 2.0:  We – read Skip – have done a lost of testing of too many variables.  The results are not quite what either of us expected.  However, the results make our job a bit easier.  We’ve finalized the 2.0 design and it’ll go into production early next week.  Two more tests and then we’ll be ready for prime-time.  Stef is going to start on production drawings tomorrow.  The design is lighter, simpler, and much tighter tolerance than our original design.  fB.
  • Product Design:  Trying to wrap up project CFG private label work.  It’s dragging way too long.  Too many people in vacation over the past couple weeks for me to carve out time to really focus on the details.  Today I got a bit done on it.
  • Project:  Paint.  Working on a cool paint project for Seven Cycles.  Going to publish pictures soon.  It’s taken a bit more time today than I thought it could.  It’ll be worth it.


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