Product Design: Integrated Seat Post – ISP Seven Cycles

June 17, 2012

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Prototypes of prototypes of Seven Cycles’ ISP

ISP-ness:  I’m updating Seven Cycles’ Integrated Seat Post design so it’s more versatile and a bit lighter.  The new system is going to be a lot simpiler to manufacture, too.  This is long overdue.

Working with Skip, Stef, Matt O., and Karl on this one.  I’m looking forward to implementing this new design idea.

Project timeline in reverse:

September 7  |  Worked on Seven’s ISP design a bit today.  Still codifying the production standards.

July 23  |  We’ve finally got the ISP integrated into production.  Stef is working on production drawings.  First frames shipped late last week.  More frames in process now.  All systems go.  This project is officially complete.  Until the next revision.

July 18  |  Production is in full swing.  The last step is to finalize documentation on the individual pieces and assemblies.  Interestingly there are only four unique pieces to our design.  Six pieces in all.  It’s good to have this project wrapped up.

July 16  |  We – read Skip – have done a lost of testing of too many variables.  The results are not quite what either of us expected.  However, the results make our job a bit easier.  We’ve finalized the 2.0 design and it’ll go into production early next week.  Two more tests and then we’ll be ready for prime-time.  Stef is going to start on production drawings tomorrow.  The design is lighter, simpler, and much tighter tolerance than our original design.

July 12  |  Think we’ve got the variable determined.  It’s related to paint.  Why does everything always seem to come down to paint?

July 10  |  confounded by one result that doesn’t make a lot of sense.  We’re going to run a couple more tests to see if we can duplicate the result or is there’s a variable we’re missing.

July 2  |  Tested a few more variants today.  Interesting results.  We’re pretty sure we’ve narrowed down the last two variables; it looks good from here.

Testing of various designs and parameters

June 22  |  Started this in earnest – as a project.  Working with Skip, Matt O., Karl, and Stef for redesign the seat top system.

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