Journal: Like A Day on the Farm

July 9, 2012

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Monday Location:  Seven     ||     7:40 am – 9:35 pm

The right tool for the job, at Seven Cycles | Photo: Rob Vandermark

  • Press:  Resilient Communities just published an article about Seven Cycles on their site.  They focused on Seven’s manufacturing philosophy and customer focus.
  • Project:  Fatigue Test carbon finish:  Woo hoo.  It’s happening.  I can hear the tester running.  Expecting first numerical results tomorrow afternoon – sooner if something bad happens.  Bad is okay; we still learn a lot on every test we run.  Bryan H. is running it like a DJ.
  • Time Marker:  Nick Maggiore started at Seven Cycles today.
  • Time Marker:  Three people out of the office this week – apparently it’s vacation week and no one told me.  Three people is a large portion of our office.  Not a lot of projects going to get done this week.
  • Races:  A weekend of racing for Seven Cycles:
    • Mary Mcconneloug:  Sped to a 5th place finish in the National Championship Cross Country race and 3rd place in the Short Track race the next day.  Two podiums in one weekend.  Amazing result at Nationals.
    • Mike Broderick:  Placed very well in a very deep men’s field taking 12th, 17th. and 19th in all three National races over a two day period.  And Mike rocks it in a video description on Cyclingdirt.
    • John Bayley:  Took first place in his age group at Newton’s Revenge:  Mount Washington hill climb on Saturday.  John took 5th overall!  He had a time of 1:04:44.  Pretty astounding – particularly considering that he’s been focused on endurance events all season; as far as I know this was his first focused hill climb of the year.  He was riding a modified Seven Axiom SLX.  John’s wife, Pamela Blalock took 16th in a very tough women’s field, shaving 5-minutes off her previous best.
  • Races:  A weekend of racing for Ride Studio Cafe Team:
    • Matt Roy:  Decimated the field at the Saratoga 12-hour race.  He broke the record by a wide margin and won the event.  A spectacular accomplishment about which I’m hopeful Matt will write.
    • John Bayley:  Yes, John’s also on the Studio’s endurance team.  While an hour up Mount Washington might not clock like an endurance event, I’m sure it felt like one.

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