Journal: Both A Belt And Suspenders

June 27, 2012

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Wednesday Location:  Seven     ||      7:40 am – 10:35 pm

  • Project:  ZDI:  had a great meeting this morning at Seven Cycles regarding some arcane processes on which we’ve been focusing.  It’ll be enlightening and heartening to track a few metrics over the next couple months; I know we’ll see some dramatic changes for the positive.  More to come.  Cryptic for now.  One focuses on what one measures.
  • Quote:  “Poor teachers want sheepish students.”  This is from an NPR interview regarding the state of schools in America.  Not ellquesnt but the point is true, I believe.  Bad leaders want everyone to obey without questioning.  It may be simpler to work with sheep, but dissent is where the good work happens.  I love dissent.  My problem with dissent is in discerning dissent for dissent’s sake.  I think that sometimes, because dissent is more than tolerated where I work, it encourages dissent when maybe it’s not really necessary.  Is it a contemporary oddly inverse Emperor’s New Clothes?
  • Project:  Seven Cycles brochure 2013:  Worked on a content outline.  We’ve already got about 50 pages worth of content planned; unfortunately the brochure is likely to be less than 40-pages.  John L. is pushing this project forward.  I also looked at some ways that the 2013 website will overlap – and more often – be divergent from the brochure.  Both projects are intertwined and separate.  Cleaved is the word I’m looking for.
  • Graphic Design:  Team Helmets for Ride Studio Cafe.  I think this project is pretty much done for 2012.  A few more to wrap up and then on to 2013.
  • Project:  Fast Ice.  Beta prototype finally completed.  They’ll be testing it in the next few days.  We’ve slowed the process by 50% – that’s a good thing.  Skip did all the fabrication work; Skip also knows a thing or two about fluid dynamics so it’s good he was helping – more than helping – in this project.  I did a bit of coordination and that’s about it.  I look forward to tasting the results soon.
  • Graphic Design:  Wrapped up the design for a printed card that shows all the local bike retailers by resource.  I can’t show what it looks like here.  Skunk managed the the final design and printing.  I pulled together the content and overall layout.

Post title from, “How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders? The man can’t even trust his own pants.”

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