Graphic Design: Ride Studio Cafe Team Helmets

February 10, 2011

in Graphic Design, Past

This is a simple and small project, but a good one still.  David, Justin, and I agreed that having modified helmets would be helpful.  These modification serve a few purposes:

  • Easier to spot teammates in a racing field of helmets – hence the decaling on the tail of the helmet.  The Studio’s bright blue is easy to spot.
  • The decaling helps keep your helmet from getting lost pre- and post-race because the look unique from everyone else’s – except RSC teammates.
  • We’re including name decals so that each team member find their respective helmets – we have about 20 of them in all.

Design:  Justin Howe and Rob Vandermark

Production:  Stef Adams

2012 Team Helmets

For the 2012 season it’s gotten a bit more complicated because Lazer – now a sponsor of the team has more sizes than ever and we’re using two types of helmets for the team.  In all we have size separate decal sizes to manage.

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