Journal: Sunday Sun

June 24, 2012

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Sunday Location:  Studio  |  Homework     ||     7:55 am to 8:20 pm

Rando bike: post-Rapha g-Race with a good cleaning by Matt Roy | Photo: Rob Vandermark

  • Project:   Met with Matt Roy about the Super-Rando bike project.  He just finished up the g-Race on my rando bike and we talked about a few tweaks to the 622 bike idea.  I can’t wait to get my bike back, although it’s been great to have Matt riding it so we can make a better SR for him.  And, he’s building up my bike for me so I’m sure it’ll ride better than new.
  • Graphic Design:  We finally agreed on the Ride Studio Cafe white team kit for the summer.  I’m hopeful we’ll see these new kits on the team’s backs by late July.
  • Project:  Crazy 88:  Made a bit more progress on this.  And a bit too tired to get the requisite emails out.  A lot of help coming together for this ride but I’m still trying to get a couple more people to help.  Nothing like waiting until the very last minute.


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