Journal: Shorter Than an Englishman

June 21, 2012

in Journal Notes

Thursday Location:  Seven  |  Studio      ||     8:40 am – 9:25 pm

  • My frustrated mechanic’s bench. All the parts that don’t fit.

    Race:  Rapha g-Race updates.  Some changes but it’s definitely happening this weekend.  Course changes and team member changes.  Patria Lanfranchi racing on the tandem team, for example.  The tandem team lost three riders within a 24-hour period.  Pamela and John scrambled to find replacements but Patria, Rebecca Fetner, and Dena Cohen all stepped up.

  • Project ZDI:  I’ve been working on organzing – re-organziing – some processes for Seven Cycles’ in-line quality control systems.  I wish I could spend a dozen hours a day on this; not that it need it, I enjoy it.
  • The fallacy of being the smart one:  There’s significant danger in being the smartest one in the room.  Fortunately, I never have to worry about that.  But from my lower vantage point being the smart one seems to lead to frustration, communication challenges, and a desire to work at a pace that doesn’t work for regular people.  Sometimes I wish I had those challenges.

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