Patria Lanfranchi

August 22, 2011

in People

Patria is the embodiment of Ride Studio Cafe.  She defines the Studio – in all the positive ways that statement could be interpreted.  No easy feat with me in the way.  I may have started the Studio project but Patria has taken the concept farther than I ever could.  She has a capacity for work that is shocking.  She’s way too smart.  And she can kick a mortal cyclist’s butt on a road bike.

Patria’s title at the Studio is “Curator and Co-Owner.”  Interesting that neither of those titles really suits:  “Curator” would be more apt as Maker; Patria isn’t simply curating the Studio, she’s making it happen every day.  “Co-Owner” seems too partial; drop the “Co-” and that’s more like it.

Patria’s got lots of ideas and twice the energy to make them happen.  I can’t wait to see where the Studio heads in the coming year with Patria at the helm.  Grab hold of something and hang on.

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